Mens Fashion Pants


Mens Fashion Pants

mens fashion pants


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Low Rise

Low Rise
A break, from both the cold and the rain, allowed me to sneak out from under my rock unburdened by either poncho or parka. Today’s tie is a travel buddy of theJPress ties posted below. This is one of two woolly ties I rescued from the Polo boutique at Isetan a couple of years ago. It seems, and to a degree is, silly that I would buy an American brand on the other side of the world… except they were having a fantastic sale. The sake also may have contributed to my leaky (or more exactly: hemorrhaging) wallet on that trip.

The jacket is a Cerruti, found, like a few other treasures that have/will appear before you here, on that recent foray into Detroit. The tag shows that it came from Hudson’s, a downtown department store that was, for me as a child, like Macy’s was for many others, the "fancy" store in town. Granted, around the trailer park, anything nicer than KMart was considered pretentious, and we had never even heard of places like Neimans . The downtown store was shuddered in 1984 and the building imploded ten years later, so I’m rashly assuming this jacket dates from before then. Anyway, finding it led me to wiki the old man and I saw that he employed a young Giorgio Armani among his lieutenants. Ah, the family tree. The genealogy of fashion, or any creative industry, never ceases to intrigue me. Who brought what and what did they take away. What I like about this piece, beyond the obvious: tweed, is the nipped waist and slightly higher collar roll across the back, two elusive virtues in ’70/80s cast offs.

I want to say more about the H&M in this shot, but the most important point is that I don’t have to: simple and reliable. Their basics are usually solid. But, if I may put a note in their suggestion box, please stop with the men’s low rise trousers. A man’s crack isn’t sexy- it’s just an unwiped and matted no-go zone. Now, to be perfectly sexist, they can keep going with women’s low rise/cut anything. Oh, and start adding inseam measurements to ALL of your mens trousers. Your "average" length translates into what are known, on my stilts at least, as manpris , and those are unfathomable on men outside of: a) a beach between the equator and a tropic line (seasonally dependent) or b) Fire Island.

Since that shot of Nasir posted last week all I can now see in this shot is the absence of a pocket square! I feel naked.

Tie: Polo
Shirt: Brooks
Sweater Vest: H&M
Jacket: Nino Cerruti (probably ’70s)
Trousers: H&M

Wingtip Brogue Details

Wingtip Brogue Details
Boots by Paul Smith. Overcoat by Rag&Bone (size 40). Grey hairline stripe shirt and grey flannel pants by Michael Andrews Bespoke (custom made, my own designs). Knit tie by Ralph Lauren Black Label. Leather gloves by Hugo Boss (size 9). Leather duffle by Kenneth Cole.
mens fashion pants